Would you hand over your house keys to a bunch of strangers to transform your home?
Win your share of $250,000 The House Rules Dream

Win your share of $250,000 The House Rules Dream

To enter to Win your Share of   $250,000 The House Rules Competition Keep checking back for the latest House Rules Code Word Prize Amount Number for the “Upgrade Your Life Competition”  by Panadol Entry Cost $0.55 fixed SMS Helpline 1300 851 419


Send a text message/SMS and register the unique code word  along with the your full name, suburb and state to 1977 7877

  • 28th April 2016 – SMS the prize amount code word  ‘ $1450 ‘  plus Full Name, Suburb & State to 1977 7877

Previous Codes

  • 27th April 2106 – SMS the prize amount code word  ‘ $1200 ‘


Previous Codes

  • 30th June – SMS the code word  ‘ TRANSFORM ‘
  • 29th June – SMS the code word  ‘ DESIGN ‘
  • 28th June – SMS the code word  ‘ RENOVATE ‘
  • 23nd June – SMS the code word  ‘ BUILD ‘ 
  • 22nd June – SMS the code word  ‘FRIENDS’
  • 21st June – SMS the code word  ‘ENTERTAIN’
  • 16th June – SMS the code word  ‘TRAVEL’
  • 15th June – SMS the code word ‘inspire’
  • 14th June – SMS the code word  ‘VISION’ 
  • 10th June – SMS the code word  ‘HAMMOCK’
  • 9th June – SMS the code word  ‘RELAX’ 
  • 8th June – SMS the code word  ‘TROPICAL’
  • 7th June – SMS the code word  ‘SPLASH’
  • 3rd June – SMS the code word  ‘PERFECT
  • 2nd June – SMS the code word  ‘IMAGINE’
  • 1st June – SMS the code word  ‘ULTIMATE’ 
  • 31st May – SMS the code word  ‘ACHIEVE’ 
  • 27th May – SMS the code word  ‘ LIVE ‘
  • 26th May – SMS the code word  ‘ WISH ‘
  • 25th May – SMS the code word  ‘ HAVEN ‘ 
  • 24th May – SMS the code word  ‘ HOPE ‘
  • 20th May – SMS the code word  ‘ WIN ‘
  • 19th May – SMS the code word  ‘ HOME ‘
  • 18th May – SMS the code word  ‘ FAMILY ‘
  • 17th May – SMS the code word  ‘ KEY ‘
  • 13th May – SMS the code word  ‘SUN ‘ 
  • 12th May – SMS the code word  ‘SAND ‘ 
  • 11th May – SMS the code word  ‘  SURF  ‘
  • 10th May – SMS the code word  ‘ DREAM ‘
  • 7th May – SMS the code word  ‘  HOLIDAY  ‘
  • 6th May – SMS the code word  ‘ RULES ‘
  • 5th May – SMS the code word  ‘ HOUSE ‘ 


2014 Code Words

  • 25th June – SMS the code word ‘CELEBRATE  ‘  plus Full Name, Suburb & State to 1977 4777
    Code word ‘LIVE  – 24 June
  • Code word ‘JOY  – 23 June
  • Code word ‘BUILD  – 22 June
  • Code word ‘SUPPORT  – 17 June
  • Code word ‘SUCCESS  – 16 June
  • Code word ‘QUALITY  – 15 June
  • Code word ‘TEAM  – 11 June
  • Code word ‘DELIVER  – 10 June
  • Code word ‘RELIEF  – 9 June
  • Code word ‘PASSION  – 8 June
  • Code word ‘CREATE  – 4 June
  • Code word ‘DESIGN  – 3 June
  • Code word ‘INSPIRE  – 2 June
  • Code word ‘TRUST  – 1 June
  • Code word ‘WIN  – 28 May
  • Code word ‘ACHIEVE  – 27 May
  • Code word ‘VISION  – 26 May
  • Code word ‘HAVEN  – 25 May
  • Code word ‘HOME  – 21 May
  • Code word ‘FAMILY  – 20 May
  • Code word ‘IMAGINE  – 19 May
  • Code word ‘KEY  – 18 May
  • Code word ‘SURVIVE  – 14 May
  • Code word ‘DREAM  – 13 May
  • Code word ‘HOPE  – 12 May
  • Code word ‘CHALLENGE – 11 May
  • Code word ‘REVEAL – 7 May
  • Code word ‘TRANSFORM – 6 May
  • Code word ‘CHANGE – 5 May
  • Code word ‘RENOVATE’ – 4 May
  • Code word ‘RULES’ – 1 May
  • Mon 30 April – Code word HOUSE

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Draw 1 – Marisa Pileggi,Epsom VIC

Draw 2 – Kylie Russell – Gresford, NSW

Draw 3 – Tammy Velez – Baulkham Hills, NSW

Draw 4 – Virginia Ross – Naracoorte, SA

Draw 5 – Lynne Shand – Warnbro, WA

Draw 6 – Karen Montgomery – Moranbah. QLD

Draw 7 – Tanya Zaknich – Stirling, WA

Draw 8 – Jessica McGregor – NSW


Week 1 – Michael Read , Altona Meadows, VIC Week 2 – Jeanine Mercuri , Doreen, VIC Week 3 – Sam Ratcliffe , Balmoral, QLD Week 4 – Logan Plank , Parkville, VIC Week 5 – Peter Easton , Narre Warren North, VIC 2013 CODES

  • SMS the code word ‘Dream’
  • SMS the code word ‘Inspire’
  • SMS the code word ‘Create’
  • SMS the code word ‘Happy’
  • Thu 30 May – SMS the code word ‘improve’
  • SMS the code word ‘Idea’
  • Mon 3 June – SMS the code word ‘hope’
  • Tue 4 June – SMS the code word ‘change’
  • Wed 5 June – SMS the code word ‘trust’
  • Thu 6 June – SMS the code word ‘success’
  • Mon 10 June – SMS the code word ‘possible’
  • Tues 11 June – SMS the code word ‘refresh’
  • Wed 12 June – SMS the code word ‘quality’
  • Thu 13 June – SMS the code word ‘team’
  • Mon 17 June – SMS the code word ‘upgrade’
  • Tues 18 June – SMS the code word ‘relief’
  • Wed 19 June – SMS the code word ‘transform’
  • Thurs 20 June – SMS the code word ‘vision’
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280 Responses to Win your share of $250,000 The House Rules Dream

  1. Love you all teams Tiana and Steve all the best , Danielle and Ben all the best , may the best team win come winning team Tiana and Steve , cannot Waite to know God bless you

  2. Tiana and Steve come on !! Come on Ben and Danielle , God bless you all may the best team win and as much as I love all of you to win just like I would love to win the Harvrey Bay home , Ben and Danielle you will creat a good Fonzey era “60”. Love you both teams are so good to get so far , may the best. Team win !
    Tiana and Steve I think will win !!

  3. I think bronik and corrine should have pulled through from the elimination. But i hope ben and Danielle win the grand final
    But best wishes for steve and tiana they most deserve it i think.

  4. So sorry to see any of the teams to go home But some one had to , Good bye Bronic and Corrinne wish you all the very best , well’ only between two teams wish you all the very best , God bless you and may the best team win .

  5. To see and hear the carers mentioning about how the kids would be so excited will react having such an awesome home to breath in the energy of such wonderful gorgeios rooms that seem to be to their liking and the way each zone had been refurbished , made me feel the shivers of joy , may the best team win , but I feel you al won with satisfaction, of how you turned that house into this safe modern rustic warm beautiful home . What an experience this had been for all you guy so Ndola own ahead you all have come ,God bless you all .

  6. I am sure that this modern rustic safe home is going to be heavenly for these grown up kids and the carers , they will enjoy every feature and every piece of the artistry that is created in this house , I think the pressure is getting to all teams, but I know that in end it will all work out and you are all there for the same thing which is to bwin , so I know you all have o try and beat each other , to have your mortgage paid would be a life long relieve , I wish all teams the very best results and may the best team win , I fee like the same as you hoping for a chance of winning the family home , love all your work and God bless all of you , your houses and your win .

  7. This Reno is exactly what I think ! These three three teams are turning a house into a beautiful home that any big kid would be proud to live and belong in , these teams are doing just this , Bronic and Korrinne your work is modern and rustic and your organization is telling every body something great , all three teams are under a lot f stress but you will achieve a lot at the end and also the trust that these kids have in you doing this big protect will love the spence of belonging to this address because the are going to love living in this superb place , I can imagine just how over whelming it is going to be when they see the rustic and the modern feathers that you have applied to this place , come on Cannot Waite to see the finis, go Bronic and Corrinne.

  8. Wow! Love this rustic and modern feature wall that Bronic and Korrinne have almost completed, , the work is coming so well and together nicely ,wish all the teams all the best , love all three feather walls that the Victoians have almost completed , keeping one particular room neutral is using common sense since you don’t know wether it will be a girl’s or a boy’s room.
    Love you guys , hope all your wishes come true , keep up your good work and God bless you all and give you all the strength to finish up happy with all the fantastic renovations and I can just imagine how happy you will be making these big kids and I know they will embrace the changes ,

  9. I absolutely love watching this wonderful show that is so challenging for each team , to think of such deferent ideas and finishing up , must be so overwhelming so successfully with such relief after often struggling with time , to see you acheiing the results whether g rest or not so great you still manage to carry on to the next protect , it must be so satisfying to the point where it shows in your expressions, you seemed to have tackled all types of types , whether classic so, rustic or any other ways and turned each other’s house to a desired expression from the owners , you all desire to be proud of yourselves and may the best team win God bless you all , and wish you all the very best.

  10. Wish all the teams the very best of success in turning this very large children’s place into a beautiful warm and cosy home for these children and giving them that good of belonging turning their house in to a beautiful home , wish you well , it will take a lot of hard work and probably some crying , but guys remember you have done hard work before and you will soon see yourselves finishing. may the best team win, God bless yo u all..

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