Would you hand over your house keys to a bunch of strangers to transform your home?
Win $250,000 The House Rules Dream

Win $250,000 The House Rules Dream

To enter the Win $250,000 The House Rules Competition

Keep checking back for the latest House Rules Code Word for the “Upgrade Your Life Competition”

Entry Cost $0.55

The Competition commences Monday, 14 April 2014 at 08:00 AEST and concludes on Saturday, 28 June 2014  at 08:59 AEST

SMS the code word {To be Announced}
plus Full Name, Suburb & State to 1977 4777

2014 CODES

 {To be Announced}


Draw 1 -
Draw 2 -
Draw 3 -
Draw 4 -
Draw 5 -
Draw 6 -
Draw 7 -
Draw 8 -


Week 1 – Michael Read , Altona Meadows, VIC
Week 2 – Jeanine Mercuri , Doreen, VIC
Week 3 – Sam Ratcliffe , Balmoral, QLD
Week 4 – Logan Plank , Parkville, VIC
Week 5 – Peter Easton , Narre Warren North, VIC

2013 CODES

  • SMS the code word ‘Dream’
  • SMS the code word ‘Inspire’
  • SMS the code word ‘Create’
  • SMS the code word ‘Happy’
  • Thu 30 May – SMS the code word ‘improve’
  • SMS the code word ‘Idea’
  • Mon 3 June – SMS the code word ‘hope’
  • Tue 4 June – SMS the code word ‘change’
  • Wed 5 June – SMS the code word ‘trust’
  • Thu 6 June – SMS the code word ‘success’
  • Mon 10 June – SMS the code word ‘possible’
  • Tues 11 June – SMS the code word ‘refresh’
  • Wed 12 June – SMS the code word ‘quality’
  • Thu 13 June – SMS the code word ‘team’
  • Mon 17 June – SMS the code word ‘upgrade’
  • Tues 18 June – SMS the code word ‘relief’
  • Wed 19 June – SMS the code word ‘transform’
  • Thurs 20 June – SMS the code word ‘vision’
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65 Responses to Win $250,000 The House Rules Dream

    • Wouterina Klein says:

      I have been watching since the start love the programI am 83 and still owe $60.000 on our house love to have a new kitchen but cant afford it . Wish I was young enough to be in House Rules hard work but o so satisfying I reckon.

  1. Bianca Zec says:

    $250,000 Mortgage Paid off…..

  2. it would be scary to leave a reno in someone elses hands but I would do it.

  3. Jackie says:

    Would be a dream come true to win

  4. Fadia Azar says:

    I would do it, as long as I have a guarantee that channel 7 will pay professionals to fix what every I don’t like to my standards. :-)

  5. sharon says:

    would love some one to come finish my house of and then id have more time for the kids

  6. Lynelle Dawson says:

    Omg how awsome would it be to win a $250,000 dream come true

  7. dawn says:

    It would be amazing to debt free at nearly 60years off age. And too also help my son& his wife &2 children to do some much needed reno’s to their house that is over 50years old which needs a massive lot off work done on it.

  8. Troy Jennings says:

    Yes, most certainly given the results from the contestants so far. :-)

  9. Edwin says:

    I would be happy to win 250,000, it will great opportunity

  10. Cheryl says:

    We would love our 75 year old house get some TLC no worries with the risk of strangers turning it into a dream…..

  11. Jessica says:

    I would love to have my house renovated by the house then It would be done quicker than what we could do it, due to needing money and no time with work and kids.

  12. My house is ready anytime for a renovation with House Rules

  13. Chris says:

    I would actually Love to have an Actual Kitchen and Bedroom….Try living Life in an Incomplete Caravan /Annexe….especially during a Melbourne Winter…. Brrrr

  14. Gillian says:

    The best show ever.I just wish I was 10years younger.as I would love to hand my keys over.

  15. kerry Longmuir says:

    It would be more than amazing for our family to win. Its hard enough paying for things we really need. Our house is a state no money to renovate!! :(

  16. kerry Longmuir says:

    Love the show too! :)

  17. tunggal says:

    Why nobody make some outdoor room????

  18. Maria says:

    This would allow us to do all the much need renovations to our old asbestos riddled house.

  19. June Humphries says:

    Love this show down to earth people and a chance at the prize would be great, yeha.

  20. peter murray says:

    love your show would not miss it. as a pensioner with little spare money, l would like a rear padio.

  21. peter murray says:

    would be nice if that could happen

  22. annette says:

    wow to win !!what a dream. what we could do with 250,000 its life changing stuff and love the show can’t wait to watch it every day well done to all the teams :-)

  23. Mileidy Gonzalez says:

    we love the show. amazing people, great ideas, love to update my heritages listed home.

  24. Ken says:

    This show is amazing great ideas. Learn different thing each time I watch it and it is mix emotions when watch. Great show never want it to stop.

  25. Afra Glancy says:

    would dearly love to win so I can do some renovations here to create my dream home oh what I could do with the money have so many good ideas from the show just love it

  26. lisa muller says:

    just loved tonight’s show I was curious and amazed at how they would lift a house by a metre or so, great work – to win $250.000 wow what a renovation you could do with that amount of $$$$$$$$$$$

  27. Slayer says:

    This will be an awesome thing to win.

  28. Bronwyn says:

    I’d love the money to fix my Mum’s house. I think that all of the contestants are courageous, and winners in my eyes. Even if they don’t win the big money prize, they still walk away with a renovated house.

  29. Janne says:

    We would hand our keys over, no problem at all to have our house renovated. We started renovations ourselves and had to relocate due to work commitments and it was never finished. In need of desperate repair by house rules contestants.

  30. Zarina says:

    Have never won anything….would be a dream come true to win

  31. fifi Niero says:

    Oh Wow!, I wish with all-my-heart that I can win this Awesome prize of $250.000, I would fully renovate our existing 14.9 square dog box of a Home to a Two story Home, made for Our growing Family of 6…The Kid’s would finally get the space they really Longed for, and Hubby & I would be at peace, with tranquillity of The surrounding Bush views from Our Newly built upper-level Parents retreat…..’Ah the Fantasy of it all!’, just imagine it now…(finger’s crossed Kiddies’).
    Wish Us Luck.

    Love from Fifi-joy & Young Family. xxx.

  32. fifi Niero says:

    I was a big ‘The Block fan, that was until ‘House Rules’, came onto the TV…..the block is …Yawn! Yawn!…boring.. now,OUT & dead…..zzzzzz, HOUSE RULES…RULES the TV Hot Spot, I am Hooked on This Show, I Love it to Bit’s…Action PLUS, Fun & Very exciting to watch, OMG!, the way the House was elevated ‘Awesome Viewing I must add too.

    Thank You for Such aBrilliant New HOT Show Channel 7, ‘BIG Thumbs Up … Love it to Bit’s.

    =+)) xxx.

  33. Jessica says:

    $250,000!! Would help in more ways than none!
    Everyone needs this type of help in life
    Can only dream

  34. ingrid campbell says:

    Nick will be a star afterr this show.go boys xx

  35. CHERYLE BRIDER says:

    I would love to win that kind of money to buy the house I’m renting now. What a awesome program. Team team team

  36. Kath Davis says:

    Would love to see the teams reno a house in the rainforest.

  37. Aneta Ciemiega says:

    The House Rules Dream
    The best program ever, so many ideas plus opportunity to win 250.000 would be a great start and help these days for a young couple
    Lots of Love

  38. Cairie says:

    Quality Great Show!

  39. Glynis says:

    I Love House Rules I’m struggling to finish my reno and I’d love to win $250,00 so I could pay for it to be finished and fenced with beautiful landscaped gardens it would be a dream come true :)

  40. Glynis says:

    I love House Rules I would love to win the $250,000 to finish my reno and get it all fenced with beautiful landscaped gardens :)

  41. Rox says:

    I have a tired home with huge potential and would love the help to be able to renovate it. What a dream come true!

  42. Zenda says:

    I would love to win something before I die….then again if I won it could, woohoo I would love it…love the show ty for the opportunity for someone to win this fantastic prize, it will change their lives whoever it is…

  43. amy says:

    Wish had my own house so I could go on show as I am looking at getting a house next year

  44. Sarah says:

    Would love to be able to help my parents pay off their mortgage and be able to finally retire now!!!!

  45. Lorraine says:

    House Rules, Channel 7 Rules! Love the show.
    Regards Lorraine

  46. Lurlene Varley says:

    can’t wait to see who wins it would be great to win 250,000 i could help my boys with their dreams to own a house or apartment of their own and let them renovate and see how hard but rewarding it can be.love the show heaps

  47. Cairie says:

    Upgrade this would be fantastic as my new home I have moved into is over 30 years old and in need of some renovations and would be a dream come true, I cant wait for the next House, looks like a major job from the adds!!!

  48. Brigitte Roussety says:

    Winning $250.000 of would be beyond great,
    We could help our eldest married daughter with two daughters of her own get a deposited for a house !
    And our youngest daughter whose wheelchair bound get a better life
    As we are full time carers my husband and I , this would mean a dream come true, but then again who wouldn’t benefit from this great offer,
    Who ever win this , would be forever grateful !!!!!!!

  49. Lorna Wood says:

    I love the show, my favourites are Jemma and Ben, what great taste they have. I have the perfect house to enter for next season.

  50. Karen says:

    I have become a House Rules addict. I love all the participants and feel like I know them already. Great work!

  51. Shirley says:

    Love this show so much going to be depressed when it finishs feel like I know all the contestents on it. Love Michelle and Steve.

  52. Karen Spalding says:

    Dear God if you are listening please let me win. My only chance for freedom. My house is completely sad beyond belief.

  53. sue says:

    A show worth watching, and that it is ours , not American. Go australia, you have done this country proud with this show

  54. If I won the money I would pay off our morgage so we could get married, help my brother and sisters as well as my parents.

  55. annabelle says:

    Would like to win the price..
    Mortgage free and can do my backyard so kids can enjoy the outside

  56. diane says:

    I loved this show theses people are so lucky if always wanted to own my own home iv raised for children on my own and have always rented and hate it what a dream it would be to own my own home now I have six beautiful grand babies if only I could own my own home. That rent money would go on my grandkids so I can take them out I would love to have that key to a hole new life it would be a dream come true

  57. Desima says:

    How inspiring, just waiting for tax time to tick over, and on starts the bathroom, there’s a gaping big rotten gap just in front of the shower, I’m really not sure why my hubby hasn’t fallen through the floor, so we best get started…$250,000… Very handy to have the mortgage paid off, plenty of time for the kids and the rest of the house…..oh..and no more scary showers…

  58. Bernie says:

    Love the show. You have picked a variety of couples that everyone can relate to and its amazing to see the transformations in a short time. The things achieved in a few days are things I’ve been dreaming about for years, truly inspiring! Can’t wait til next season.

  59. Anna Geatches says:

    Love all the couples

  60. Jenny says:

    What a dream come true, would hand the keys over in a second. Would mean my husband wouldn’t have to do so much overtime and be able to spend more time with me and the kids,. Our house is60 years old and in need of renovation

  61. phil says:

    My house is way over 50 years old. I have 4 kids in a 2 bed room house and needs desperate renovation.partner pregnant with number 5so we really need the room. I am a rigger by trade.

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